Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rainfall 2010

The first rainfall of 2011 has prompted me to add up the rainfall for 2010. We only started recording rainfall in March, 2010 and our records have already trumped previous years. 971 mm has fallen on our property in the last 10 months. In 2009, the annual rainfall at the nearest weather station was just over 500mm. We've had almost double the rain last year as in previous years. I've had quite a bit of fun over at the Bureau of meteorology looking at their graphs of climate data. I'm very glad we got our new roof on just before those big spikes in November.

Our swales have been almost constantly full since we dug them in late March, drying up for the first time three weeks ago. Have you ever seen such green grass in an Australian summer?

Playing with tilt-shift generators to make our place look mini.
There's been no rain around here since before Christmas and a run of hot days have seen everything drying out very quickly, except the soil in our orchard below the swale, which is still moist. Looks like the swales are doing what we'd hoped - the fruit trees are looking very healthy. 30mm in the last two days and everything is full of water again. Nothing like a storm to take the edge off summer.

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