Sunday, August 19, 2007

Piney River - Limp in, Leap out

After talking to Annie at the VA Farmer's Meetup and telling her how dry it is in Victoria these days, she invited us to her farm in Piney River. She said "I've got a lot of water. I'll put on the sprinkler for you guys."

We hitched the 30 miles down from Waynesboro, and came across Annie's place. Annie has a lot of water. A quarry full of water.

Annie's place is an old white quartz quarry. Her dam is about 4 acres big. The Piney River runs along her boundary. She's establishing a Chinese medicine, country living, blueberry shake drinking retreat. Limp in, leap out is her motto. This is Annie.

Annie grows a lot of her own medicinal plants. She keeps them all in a tinderblock building that stays cool in the muggy Virginian summer. I wish I could remember the names of all the plants she was growing.

We swam, we hammocked....


rode around on 'little chiltin'...

and spent the afternoon picking blackcurrants.

We leapt out of there and hitched back to Waynesboro as the sun set. Thankyou Annie. We could have stayed for years.

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